‘In the sheltered, tranquil pleasance, where the quiet soul will wander.

There will come a gentle fragrance, bringing gifts from here and yonder.’


For those who are weary, a garden can be a place of refreshment and renewal. When did you last spend time sitting quietly in a garden, soaking in its beauty? When did you find time to be alone in any beautiful place, the forest, the beach, the wilderness? 

In the busyness of our daily lives we often forget the importance or nurturing our spiritual selves. We may be completely unaware that we’ve lost that ‘extra something’, the spiritual connection not only with our own inner being, but most importantly, with God.  

Where there’s a spiritual disconnect, it’s only a matter of time before ‘sailing’ can turn into ‘sinking’. Quite suddenly we may discover we’re like a ship without a rudder. Life’s storms can leave us feeling vulnerable and at worst, battered on every side.

Relaxation and meditation are proven ways of improving our health, both mentally and physically and have become popular ways of dealing with stress. We are slowly but surely able to ‘reconnect’, find our balance and regain our sense of purpose and direction.


Contemplative Prayer - a simple and profound way of deepening our meditation time.

In the story, I AM The Big Man, Wordy speaks to Lilian and she learns to repeat the Big Man’s (God’s) words silently to herself. There are many words spoken directly by God to each of us. For example, “I have always loved you. …I am the Lord your healer.”

Among the different methods of meditation, many people are unaware of the Christian way of meditation and contemplation. It is simple but profound and can bring us into a closer relationship with God, the source of all love and healing.

Anyone, including children, can learn to relax and be still. When we close our eyes and silently repeat God’s words, we are contemplating. We discover the peace and healing that He wants to give us so freely.  During this quiet time we can also become channels for healing for others as we ‘bring’ them into the silence, hold them up before God in our minds and then repeat the words on their behalf.

Whether you are young or old this method of contemplation is simple to do and renews us in the midst of our stress filled lives. This repetition of God’s words spoken in the first person follows the method of Christian contemplation promoted by The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer worldwide.

For further information on Christian contemplative prayer in both Australia and U.K. follow the links on these websites.

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