I AM The Big Man


I AM The Big Man


Based on a true story, I AM The Big Man is suitable for readers of all ages. Written in an allegorical style, it can be understood on many different levels.

The story describes the detailed and funny world of Lilian, a young girl growing up in the presence of God. As Lilian overcomes the obstacles and trials of her earthly journey, there are many characters that cross her path. Some are good, while others are quirky, whacky or downright evil. And in the background, dastardly Tricky Dicky is always out to cause trouble with his army of hot potatoes!

  • Paperback

  • Published: 2014, second edition 2016.

  • ISBN: 978-0-9934936-0-7

  • Number Of Pages: 149

  • For Ages: 8 - 99 years old

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